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 What the County Does


To ensure Sarasota County’s sustainability, we must find ways to balance our way of life with our quality of life.

  • We've begun stepping up our efforts to achieve greater balance among environmental, economic and social impacts of our programs and processes.

Here we’ve included links to our policies and practices that other government entities might find helpful.

  • Solar PV Support Resolution #2015-116     Support of solar photovoltaic energy generation efforts. Solar lowers energy costs, creates local jobs, reduces dependence on imported fuels and is pollution-free electricity generation.
  • 2030 Challenge Resolution #2006-157
    Directs that county buildings be designed for reduced energy use and to be carbon neutral, requiring no fossil fuel energy, by 2030. 
  • Canopy Road Ordinance #2001-041
    Designates, preserves and protects canopy roads and encourages property owners to maintain and protect these trees.
  • Community Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Resolution #2010-243
    Commits Sarasota County to take a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gases from county operations and develop a Community Energy Action Plan for the reduction of energy use and associated emissions from the community.  Sarasota County has completed its greenhouse gas emissions inventory as a part of this program. 
  • Community Housing Fund Ordinance #2007-016
    Promotes development of quality affordable housing through the Community Housing Fund Program.
  • Comprehensive Plan
    Official document providing policy direction for land use decisions and growth management initiatives.
  • Environmentally Preferable Procurement Ordinance #2003-084
    Establishes preference for purchasing products and services that minimize harmful environmental and social impacts and emphasize long-term value.
  • Environmentally Sensitive Land Protection Program (ESLPP)
    This voter-approved and taxpayer-funded program acquires and protects natural lands. Many will have public access for nature-based recreation. 
  • Florida Green Building Coalition Green Local Government Certification
    Sarasota County is a participant in the Green Local Government Program, meeting state-level standards for greening local government.
  • Get Ready Tampa Bay Partnership Resolution #2011-129
    Continued commitment to electrifying transportation in our region on the part of Sarasota County Government by joining Project Get Ready Tampa Bay.
  • Golf Course Ordinance #2003-069
    Requires all new golf courses to be designed, constructed, certified and managed in accordance with Audubon International Signature Program standard or equivalent.
  • Green Building Resolution #2005-048
    Provides for Finance, plans, designs, construction, management, renovation, commission, maintenance, and deconstruction of county facilities in accordance with green building standards.
  • Green Development Resolution #2006-174
    Expedites processing of rezone and special exception petitions, site and development plans for projects that meet green development standards.
  • Green Housekeeping Policy
    Requires use of environmentally preferable janitorial cleaning products and services.
  • Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicle Resolution #2005-278
    Supports federal, state and local policies that advance the market for flexible-fuel Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
  • Sarasota County Government 2050 Plan
    Adopts smart-growth planning principles countywide and combats urban sprawl.
  • Sustainability Resolution #02-119
    Establishes and implements policies, guidelines, goals and strategic actions to promote sustainability.
  • Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance #2001-081
    Requires all new landscaping to employ efficient irrigation and site adaptive plants including micro-irrigation systems and limiting irrigated sod to no more than 50%. ​

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 County documents

2030 Challenge Resolution 2006-157.pdf2030 Challenge Resolution 2006-157
Canopy Road Ordinance 2001-041.pdfCanopy Road Ordinance 2001-041
Community Housing Fund Ordinance 2007-016.pdfCommunity Housing Fund Ordinance 2007-016
Env. Preferable Procurement Ordinance 2003-084.pdfEnv. Preferable Procurement Ordinance 2003-084
Get Ready Tampa Bay Partnership Resolution 2011-129.pdfGet Ready Tampa Bay Partnership Resolution 2011-129
Golf Course Ordinance 2003-069.pdfGolf Course Ordinance 2003-069
Green Building Resolution 2005-048.pdfGreen Building Resolution 2005-048
Green Development Resolution 2006-174.pdfGreen Development Resolution 2006-174
Green Housekeeping Policy.pdfGreen Housekeeping Policy
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory.pdfGreenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Resolution 2010-243.pdfGreenhouse Gas Emissions Resolution 2010-243
Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicle Resolution 2005-278.pdfPlug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicle Resolution 2005-278
Resolution Expedited Processing Affordable Housing 2006.pdfResolution Expedited Processing Affordable Housing 2006
Roadmap to Sustainability.pdfRoadmap to Sustainability
Solar PV Support Resolution 2015-116.pdfSolar PV Support Resolution 2015-116
Sustainability Resolution 02-119.pdfSustainability Resolution 02-119
Sustainable Business Guide.pdfSustainable Business Guide
Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance 2001-081.pdfWater Efficient Landscape Ordinance 2001-081
The Office of Sustainability is a branch of the UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability Department.

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