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​Sarasota County has been fortunate not to have suffered the devastation of a major disaster in recent history, but there have been some close calls.

There is no reason why a hurricane or other disaster could not directly hit Sarasota County. Even without a direct hit from a major hurricane, beach erosion, which will be exacerbated by sea level rise, is a major vulnerability for the county that threatens established neighborhoods and tourism.
For these reasons and others, on July 7, 2015, the County Commission approved the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan with adoption of Resolution No. 2015-118.  
As part of the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan, we created a checklist and flowchart designed to assist homeowners in the rebuilding process.
The checklist details the documents that property owners should have on hand pre-disaster that will aid them with redevelopment.
The flowchart details the associated permit review process.
These tools can help expedite the permitting process in post-disaster situations. Follow the link on the right.
Send your email comments, questions or concerns to:


Checklist and Flowchart.pdfChecklist and Flowchart
PDRP Action Plan.pdfPDRP Action Plan
PDRP Interaction with Other Govt.pdfPDRP Interaction with Other Govt
PDRP Timeframe.pdfPDRP Timeframe
Resolution 2015-118.pdfResolution 2015-118


What is a Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP)?
Why has the county developed a PDRP?
Generally, what is the content of the PDRP?
If major areas of Sarasota County are impacted by disaster, will they be able to rebuild to what they were pre-disaster?
Which pre-disaster activities will be undertaken first? Are they prioritized?
How will Sarasota County pay for the pre-disaster activities described in the plan?
Don’t we already have plans in place that help us recover from disasters like hurricanes?
Where can I find a copy of the PDRP and how can I make comments?

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