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 Mosquito Management Services

Our (MMS) mission is to reduce mosquito numbers in an environmental responsible manner. We want to lessen the nuisance and disease risk to people in Sarasota County.
Our intent is to be proactive in mosquito reduction. We target mosquitoes in the larval stages before they become flying, biting adult.
We use four approaches to controlling mosquitoes: prevention, source reduction, larviciding and adulticiding.
  1. Prevention: we work with planners to build in a way that mosquito breeding habitats are not created.
  2. Source Reduction: we educate the public in how to eliminate water and plants breeding grounds. This is where mosquitoes lay their eggs giving mosquitoes fewer places to breed.
  3. Larviciding: we use larvicides that are effective in low concentrations. These larvicides have little impact on other organisms in the water. We add mosquito fish in permanent water sources as biological control.
  4. Adulticiding: We use adulticide sprays that have minimal effects on other small insects. We spray based on many factors and in compliance with Florida Administrative Code 5E-13. 
MMS asks you to do your part. You can empty or cover water holding containers in yard and to keep gutters and ditches free flowing.

 Emerging Mosquito


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 Florida Health Dept./Zika Updates


​According to the Florida Dept. of Health/ ​Protection Against Mosquito Bites Key To Preventing Zika

For more details about the Zika Virus please visit the Florida Department of Health.


 DOH Zika Updates

Mosquito Bite Protection.pdfMosquito Bite Protection
Prevención de Picaduras de Mosquitos para Viajeros Internacionales.pdfPrevención de Picaduras de Mosquitos para Viajeros Internacionales

 Protect Yourself


 To Report A Mosquito Problem

​To report a mosquito problem or request information call 861-5000.

To submit a service request or check where spraying was done in the past 7 days go to our Public Map link.

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