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 Lifeguard Operations

Skilled professionals are now responsible for public safety at six beaches spread over a 36-mile area of the Gulf Coast. From north to south these beaches are: Lido, Siesta, Nokomis, North Jetty, Venice and Manasota.
The Lifeguard Service training of the Lifeguards maintains the “Preventative Lifeguarding” stance, which is seeing the event happen before it happens.
Sarasota County Beach Lifeguards have some of the safest beaches in the State of Florida. The Lifeguard staff training includes passing biannual qualification testing and becoming First Responder Certified.

 Lost and Found

Lost items on the beach waiting to be claimed
The method of tracking and, or holding lost items by Sarasota County is dependent on the particular beach lifeguard office.

On all beaches with the exception of Siesta Beach, when an item has been brought to a lifeguard stand on the beach it may stay in that lifeguard stand/office until the end of the day.

The process on Siesta Beach is different. Due to the number of patrons who visit the beach daily the lost items tend to be greater in number.
Usually an item is turned over to a lifeguard at the lifeguard stand. If an item is not claimed by the end of the work day the lifeguards will bring the item to the Parks and Recreation Office at Siesta Beach.

The Parks and Recreation staff will inventory the lost item and store it according to date. There it waits until claimed.
For information about lost items contact Sarasota County Lifeguard Operations at 941-861-5000.

 Lifeguard Operations Survey


 Junior Lifeguard Training


 Beach Flags

Gulf water temperatures continue to rise as summer gets into full swing. Remember to use sunscreen liberally and to reapply it as needed throughout the day. To avoid dehydration be certain to have plenty of water/sports drinks available. Beach flags provide information on swimming conditions:
  • green - good swimming conditions
  • yellow - use caution
  • red - dangerous swimming conditions
  • double red - beach is closed to swimming
  • purple -hazardous marine life
A yellow sign with black borders means sharks, rays, jelly fish, and red tide are present. Warmer water can also mean stingrays so remember to use the "stingray shuffle" when moving through the water.
Know your swimming skills and abilities as the Gulf may look inviting but may have strong currents. Also watch for signs of rip currents that may be present.

Sarasota County, Florida
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