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 Library Cards


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Library Card Application English.pdfLibrary Card Application English

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All borrowers must be registered and have a valid library card to check out materials. A valid library card can be used at all nine Sarasota County Libraries.

  • Sarasota County residents may obtain a card for free. 
  • Manatee and Charlotte County residents may register as reciprocal borrowers for free and check out materials in Sarasota County.  
  • Library users from any of the Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC) participating libraries may also register as reciprocal borrowers and check out materials.
  • Non-residents may elect to purchase a non-resident card which offers the same privileges as resident cards: check out of circulating materials and use of ebooks, databases and public computers.

Resident library cards and reciprocal borrower cards may be renewed at a library or over the phone.


 How to Apply for a Library Card


Residents - Adults

Complete the application above and bring it to any Sarasota County library. (Applications are also available in each library.)

Establish your identity and show proof of residence. Show one of the following to fulfill both requirements:

  • Florida Driver's License with a current Sarasota County address
  • Florida Identification Card with a current Sarasota County address

Otherwise, please bring a photo ID and one of the following documents as proof of residence:

  • Sarasota County Vehicle Registration
  • Sarasota County current rental agreement for a minimum of six months
  • Sarasota County current property tax receipt / bill
  • Deed to property in Sarasota County
  • Declaration of Domicile in Sarasota County
  • A current pay stub showing current Sarasota County address
  • Sarasota County Government Employee Identification Badge
  • Sarasota County School, College or University Identification Card
  • Sarasota County School, College or University Report Card
  • Current utility bill for water, gas, electricity, cable or satellite TV with current Sarasota County address
  • Consular identification card with current Sarasota County address

Residents - Children

Parent or guardian must approve the application form for children under 18.

Reciprocal Borrowers

Complete the application above and bring it to any Sarasota County library. (Applications are also available in each library.)

Present valid home library card.

Establish identity and proof of residence in home county.


Complete the application above and bring it to any Sarasota County library. (Applications are also available in each library.)

Select a term for the card:

  • $15 for a three-month card
  • $25 for a six-month card
  • $40 for a yearly card
    Please note: The fees for non-resident cards are based on the annual amount paid in taxes by a resident. Fees are non-refundable.

Establish identity and proof of residence.


 Additional Library Card Policies


Resident Library Cards expire every two years.

Renewal of a resident library card is free and requires verification of registration information.

Non-resident and reciprocal library cards are also renewable when their respective terms expire.

Lost or Forgotten Cards

Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on their cards and agree to abide by library lending rules and all policies and regulations. If a patron loses his/her library card, there is no charge for a replacement card. Patrons should report lost or stolen cards immediately.

Any patron who presents material for checkout but cannot present a library card will be allowed to check out materials provided a valid ID proving name and address is presented. A “message” stating show/replace card, will be added to the patron’s record. The patron will be asked to present their card upon their next visit. If they are unable to, they will be asked to replace their card. If address has changed, proof of new address should be presented at this time.

Messenger Pickup

Any library material can be picked up by messenger, providing the messenger has the patron's library card.


 Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements


Charlotte County Agreement:

Charlotte County residents may be given access to the Sarasota County Libraries print and media resources by presenting their Charlotte County library card and one form of identification with their current address. Reciprocal borrowing privileges include access to print and media collections with the exception of digital formats (i.e. eBooks). Non-resident cards are available and entitle reciprocal borrowers the same privileges as resident cards, including access to digital collections (i.e. eBooks). Charlotte reciprocal cards will expire on June 30, each year and will be renewed as long as the reciprocal agreement is in effect. Materials borrowed from a Sarasota County Library must be returned to a Sarasota County Library.

A courier system has not been established between the two counties. Charlotte reciprocal borrowers must abide by the same policies and procedures regarding overdue fines and replacement fees as Sarasota County borrowers.

Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC) Agreement (includes Manatee County):

Libraries who are members of TBLC's reciprocal borrowing agreement have agreed to allow walk-in patrons to check out materials free of charge from any participating library. Patrons may use their own library card with a reciprocal borrowing sticker attached to check out materials. This program is available for patrons of participating libraries only. A list of participating libraries is available at

TBLC reciprocal borrowers accept the following responsibilities:

  1. Present home library card to a reciprocal borrowing library to register for library privileges in that library system.
  2. Be in good standing at your local library.
  3. Be informed and abide by the rules and polices of the participating libraries you use.
  4. Assume responsibility for all materials borrowed on your cards, including payment for lost/damaged materials, overdue fines or other fees.
  5. Return materials to any participating library in a timely manner according to the rules of the lending library.

Complete guidelines for the TBLC Reciprocal Borrowing program are available at

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