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Solgen Renewables

The Solar Hybrid Generator is exclusive technology that produces clean renewable energy more efficiently than anything on the market. Rather than a rooftop full of solar panels thattakes away from thedesign and beauty of the property, we install 3-4 solar panels and a metal box that is approximately 8'L x 5.5'W x 7'H. Unlike traditional solar that only produces power 4-6 hours a day at best, each one of our generators produces energy 24/7/365, producing525,000 - 637,000 kWh per year.100 % clean energy, no exhaust. Coal, natural gas, all fossil fuels have cost and a carbon footprint that is not sustainable.The solar hybrid generator takes up to 99% less space than solar panels- 2 parking spaces vs. 5 acres of solar.Annual production of 525,000 - 637,000 kWh per year is all producedAnnual'produced with no outside input of energy from the grid.

Member since 2017
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