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S'macks Burgers & Shakes

S'macks Burgers and Shakes presents a fresh spin on the nostalgia of the burger and shakes joints of the past, while providing high-quality, flavorful meals with a farm to fork experience. S'macks made a deliberate choice by selecting 100% fresh, Certified humane, all-natural Angus beef with no hormones or antibiotics. Bison burgers are locally-sourced from a bison farm, and are 100% grass-fed. Dairy products for the shakes and frozen custard are locally sourced from a sustainable dairy farm, where cows are fed a diet of high protein, fresh grasses. Produce is insecticide-free and fresh-picked from a local farm. Even vegetarians and gluten-free patrons are accommodated. Vegetarians can enjoy a grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich or veggie burger, and Gluten-free options include either a lettuce wrap or a Gluten-free bun upon request.

S'macks Burgers and Shakes exemplifies how green a restaurant really can be. S'macks, part of the Gecko's Restaurant Group, focuses on making a positive environmental impact on the local community.' S'macks began with a former neighborhood Brownfield site at the corner of Bee Ridge Road and Shade Avenue, and reincarnated the spot into a fresh, vibrant community gathering place. The site and the restaurant were designed to meet Florida Green Building Conference Commercial Green Building standards; featuring recycled and sustainable materials, native landscaping, energy-efficient kitchen equipment, efficient LED lighting and water-saving faucets and toilets. S'macks Burgers and Shakes is in the process of becoming a Bronze LEED certified restaurant, meeting stringent environmental standards.

S'macks Burgers and Shakes believes in serving high-quality food with minimal waste. To increase freshness, sourcing local is a key ingredient and reduces their environmental impact, supports the local economy, local labor and resources. Meals are presented on a recycled content aluminum trays. Burgers and sandwiches are wrapped in a paper sleeve. Fries are placed in a recycled content paper tray. Unlike many restaurants, S'macks encourages patrons to recycle by providing a recycle bin for glass bottles and plastic cups., Meeting and exceeding core and elective GBP program standards, S'macks Burgers and shows that running a green restaurant isn't only environmentally responsible, but is cost-effective, highly efficient, and just smart business.

Verified measures from S'macks Burgers and Shakes GBP application include;

Waste Reduction:, ' Serving food products with minimal disposable waste, ' Recycling in the kitchen and encouraging customer-side recycling, ' Administrative files are maintained electronically, ' Payroll is done digitally, ' Inventory is done electronically, and synced to POS software, ' Food sales and trends are tracked in real time, via a Cloud-based software, ' Schedules are done digitally and texted to employees' cell phones, ' Social media marketing reduces marketing costs, ' Products with minimal packaging are sourced with some vendors take back containers for reuse, ' Condiments are purchased in bulk, instead of individual packets, ' Employees are required to bring their own water bottle, reducing disposable waste, ' Donates to the YMCA Youth Shelters, and is Business Partners with Sarasota County schools and local philanthropies, ' Uses Non-toxic Green Cleaning Products and sanitizers

Water Efficiency:, ' Efficient low-flow toilets, ' Low flow faucet aerators (0.5 gallons per minute in restrooms), ' Uses a broom instead of a hose to clean sidewalks (unless food spills are present), ' Florida native and drought-resistant plants reduce water consumption, ' Landscaping was designed to exist predominantly on rainfall once plants are established.

Energy Efficiency:, ' Energy Star-Rated products were sourced (fans, flat top griddle, hand dryers), ' Restaurant is lit by the most energy efficient lighting, Light Emitting Diode (LED), ' When daylight is enough, not all interior lights are on, ' Lighting is controlled by sensors, ' Temperature is controlled digitally, ' Ceiling fans reduce cooling costs, ' Window film on sun-exposed windows reducing cooling costs, ' Hot water pipes are insulated, ' Appliances are on a preventative maintenance plan, ' Sources local food products (reducing the businesses carbon footprint)
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