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Save Our Seabirds

Save Our Seabirds rescues and cares for about 2,000 birds per year. We receive distress calls from caring citizens throughout the Sarasota-Manatee area. Our initial response is to ascertain what might be wrong with the bird and whether it is feasible to actually catch the bird and bring it to our hospital. We then dispatch the nearest available rescuer from our list of volunteers to transport the bird to our hospital for treatment. We do everything we can to rehabilitate and release the bird back into the wild, preferably near the place where it was rescued. The most common injuries are caused by fish hooks, automobiles and golf balls.

Green measures include turning off lights in unused rooms and using natural light when possible. A high-efficiency, variable-speed air conditioning system was recently installed, and a 10 kW solar installation is planned, which is expected to reduce the energy bill by 1/3. Recently, the grounds had a makeover. Non-native plants were removed, and Florida native and drought-tolerant plants were planted. The grounds are fertilizer- and pesticide-free for the health of the birds and Sarasota Bay.

Save Our Seabirds is one of a handful of Green Business Partners who has stretched beyond being a recycling champ by composting.

To report an injured bird: 941-388-3010

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