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Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority (SRQ)

The Sarasota County Green Business Partnership (GBP) contacted airport staff regarding the program and the process by which certification is obtained. Staff worked with the GBP to complete the application, attend a seminar, and provided a site visit to complete the certification process.'Following the site visit, GBP approved the Airport Authority's application and is now designated as a Sarasota County Green Business Partner. During the application and site visit, the airport was found to excel in the following areas:

Energy Conservation:'Conversion to LED lighting for most airfield signs and lights, parking lot lighting, terminal building light fixtures, motion light sensors in terminal restrooms, high efficiency HVAC chiller system, future terminal lighting upgrades, and future plans for terminal roadway, building, and airfield upgrades.

Water Conservation:'Installation of low flow plumbing fixtures in restrooms, automatic shut-off faucets, use of Florida native plants/trees, use of drip irrigation systems, and conservation efforts in landscaping practices.

Waste Reduction:'Implementation of a recycling program for all hazardous waste, spent bulbs, used auto tires, fluids, and recyclable metals. Provide excellence in waste reduction through the use of just-in-time purchasing, reducing excess inventory, and surplus practices for electronics, vehicles, and other items rather than disposing of them.
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