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Learn more about the 200-plus businesses who help protect and preserve our environment by participating in the Green Business Partnership. Click on a business name (below) to read more details. Narrow down your search by using the dropdown menu to select businesses by category or by choosing a letter from the alphabet.

SalVinCo LLC

SalVinCo, provides wholesale 12 volt LED Bulbs, wholesale 12 Volt LED Lights, and wholesale 12 Volt Lights (halogen, Xenon, incandescent) to the Marine and RV OEM markets. SalVinCo is a leading supplier of internationally produced 12 Volt LED Lights, 12 volt DC lights (halogen, Xenon, incandescent) and 12 Volt LED Bulbs., As a green business partner, SalVinCo is doing their part to make a difference.'By recycling toner and printer cartridges, reusing packing materials and using non-toxic eco-friendly hand soaps, SalVinCo'is lessoning their impacts on the environment.'In their office and warehouse areas,'SalVinCo uses lighting changes and retrofits for demonstration purposes.'They replaced their fluorescents bulbs and T-8 tube lights with energy conserving LED lights, and in their warehouse area, 400 Watt halogen lights are shown side by side with 100 Watt LED light fixtures- demonstrating the differences and why switching to LED is important.
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