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Learn more about the 200-plus businesses who help protect and preserve our environment by participating in the Green Business Partnership. Click on a business name (below) to read more details. Narrow down your search by using the dropdown menu to select businesses by category or by choosing a letter from the alphabet.


Good-Gums is an all-natural vitamin and herb formula that you gently massage into the gums with a toothbrush, giving a lot of people dramatic improvement in their gum health. Good-Gums is made to be absorbed by the gums, so it can give help right where it's needed. It comes as a powder that dissolves instantly on contact with saliva, so that what's massaged into the gums is a liquid solution that's rich in vitamin C and herbs. The reason it comes as a powder is that being dried allows the ingredients to retain their potency much better., Made with a blend of all-natural herbs, Good-Gums, a toothpaste replacement, provides critical minerals essential for building strong tooth enamel and healthy gums, but never leaves behind a film like toothpaste., As a green business partner, Good-Gums has gone above and beyond to make an environmentally safe product.'Not only is the product 100% non-toxic, it is sold in a recyclable, BPA free plastic container, as well as packaged in a paper box made from recycled content.'When in the design phase of the product, owner Isabelle searched for a manufacturer that was willing to comply with her high environmental standards.'Using her health and wellness background, Isabelle created a new, one of a kind product that is the only one on the market today.'The product is offered for sale online and every Saturday at theSarasota Farmers Market.
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