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Learn more about the 200-plus businesses who help protect and preserve our environment by participating in the Green Business Partnership. Click on a business name (below) to read more details. Narrow down your search by using the dropdown menu to select businesses by category or by choosing a letter from the alphabet.

Bicycles International

Bicycles International was started in August 1986. We have been voted Best Bicycle shop in Venice year after year by the Venice Gondolier Sun and Herald Tribune due to our low pricing and exemplary customer service.Bicycles International employees have extensive knowledge and experience in the bicycle industry. We have a wide variety of specialty clothing and an extensive line of parts and accessories to suit your needs. We also rent bikes by the day, week, or month at a competitive rate. Stop by and see why we are #1!!, As a green business partner, Bicycles International is having a positive impact on their community.'By designating a group of employees responsible for raising environmental awareness, Bicycles International are able to demonstrate and promote their commitment.'The shop uses green cleaning methods including lemon and citrus cleaners, as well a more natural mineral spirit tank for bike cleanings.'Bicycle International designed a recycling program that encourages participation.'Not only do they recycle paper, cardboard and plastic materials, they also recycle pallets, bike parts, metal frames and wheels.'Used bike tires and tubes are either recycled or used by local artists for their artwork displays., When new shop owner Wesley Culpepper purchased the shop the previous owners were still using carbon copies for invoice, a practice that has now gone completely electronic to save on impacts.'One reason for the push to go green is that the shop has installed an automatically controlled thermostat and immediately noticed the cost savings.'Wesley still believes his business can do more.'He has plans to use an energy audit to assist with retrofitting the bike shop.'This includes new air conditioner units, window films and lighting retrofits.
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