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Learn more about the 200-plus businesses who help protect and preserve our environment by participating in the Green Business Partnership. Click on a business name (below) to read more details. Narrow down your search by using the dropdown menu to select businesses by category or by choosing a letter from the alphabet.

Beautiful Ponds

The mission of Beautiful Ponds is to make aquatic environments a little healthier each month and is committed to being more environmentally friendly and responsible than other companies. Now that quotequotegreenquotequote is popular, everyone claims to be environmentally responsible, but they have created a system to balance aesthetic beauty and environmental health through natural pond management strategies. Every lake and stormwater pond community is a complex ecosystem that requires regular management. Beautiful Ponds uses less invasive and environmentally friendly approaches to manage aquatic communities. By implementing aeration techniques, water quality management, erosion control, fish stocking and biological control methods, they are able to provide their clients a safer, more natural alternative.

Beautiful Ponds has been recognized by several organizations, and earned the following awards:2006 Girls Scout Presidents Award for Environmental Leadership and Education2007 Sarasota Audubon Society (SAS) Environmental Business Award2008 Rivendell Fire Wise Award for Taking Action to Protect People and Property from the Risk of Wildfire2010 Riverwood FireWise Award for Taking Action to Protect People and Property from the Risk of Wildfire., As a Green Business Partner, Beautiful Ponds exceeds the required program minimums.''Beautiful Ponds'consciously looks for additional ways to reduce all waste in their operations through further recycling efforts, elimination of printed materials, reduction of herbicides, and implementation of company policies'that save gas, time, water, and energy.'Beautiful Ponds also encourages their supply chain and office complex to introduce waste reducing measures.
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