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Abate Energy Group - Florida

The Abate Energy Group team understands the importance of identifying the energy challenges and needs of our clients first before talking about solutions. Example; while LED lighting in most cases is low hanging fruit, for many companies, the ROI for a lighting conversion program might be in excess of 5 years because of their limited hours of operation. Therefore it is critical that a thorough understanding of a customer's energy use is imperative before making recommendations., Our team has a solid understanding of the problem that requires solving and we are committed to it. We identified two major energy reduction challenges faced by business leaders and these problems were the reason that led our team to focus and strengthen the core of our business around. The first challenge, attempting to use current methods to economically capture and separate energy use and cost with a single bottom line monthly utility invoice. It is nothing more than an exercise in managing a business in the dark. The second challenge, how to determine the truthful product claims from the gimmicks or scams, considering it is easy for manufacturers or sales representatives to make energy saving claims that are almost impossible and too costly to prove. These two challenges that business leaders face can be summed up in two words, trust and credibility., As a green business partner, the Abate Energy Group Florida is doing their part to make a difference. By recycling toner and printer cartridges, reusing packing materials, replacing paper towels for reusable cloth for employees, and using non-toxic eco-friendly hand soaps, Abate Energy Group is lessoning their impacts on the environment. In their office and warehouse areas, Abate Energy Group uses lighting changes and retrofits for demonstration purposes. They replaced their fluorescents bulbs and T-8 tube lights with energy conserving LED lights, installed occupancy sensors, and in their warehouse area, 400 Watt halogen lights are shown side by side with 100 Watt LED light fixtures- demonstrating the differences and why switching to LED is important.

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