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 Flooding & Flood Protection

Sarasota County is a low-lying coastal community, in a sub-tropical climate, which is naturally prone to flooding from two sources, either the Gulf of Mexico and/or excessive rainfall events. For more information, check out our Know Your Flood Hazard page.

 Do I Need Flood Insurance?

One in four flood claims are made from properties outside of a high risk flood zone each year. Flood insurance is NOT part of a standard insurance policy for structures.

 Protect yourself from flood dangers

Find out how to protect yourself and your family and how to prepare yourself and your property before floods occur at our Protect Yourself and Your Family page.

 Protect your pets!


Find out more about how to make a pet and animal emergency plan. For more information visit the links below:


 Flood Zone Workshops


These workshops will be especially helpful to residents, professional lenders, insurance agents and real estate agents.

County staff will be available for questions and answers. 2017 Workshop schedules.


 Protect Your Property From Flooding

There are different ways to protect your property from flood such as retrofitting with storm shutters, elevating utilities (permits required) and grants to elevate repetitive loss buildings. Find out more at our Protect Your Property From Flooding page. 
Building in a Floodplain
Sarasota County requires permits for any development in or outside of a Floodplain. Contact Planning & Development for more information on permitting. For more information, go to our Build Responsibly page.
Natural Functioning Floodplains
Report broken silt fences. They help keep our waterways clean. Learn more at our Natural Floodplain Functions page.
Protection From The Flood
During an actual emergency or threatening weather, follow the instructions of the Emergency Services Chief. In case of a flood, county resources are directed toward evacuating residents as necessary, responding to police, fire, and medical emergencies, maintaining utility services, providing traffic control, pumping flooded streets. 

 Flood Links

National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service
Sarasota County Evacuation Zones

 Flood Documents

Anywhere it Rains it Can Flood (Bilingual).pdfAnywhere it Rains it Can Flood (Bilingual)
Sarasota County Flood History.pdfSarasota County Flood History
2016 Flood-prone Areas Letters.pdf2016 Flood-prone Areas Letters
Historical Flood Marker.pdfHistorical Flood Marker
Flood Protection Resources.pdfFlood Protection Resources
Flood Damage Protection Ordinance.pdfFlood Damage Protection Ordinance

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