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 Family Sustainability Kit

Family Sustainability Kit

 Sarasota County Family Sustainability Kit


Sarasota County is offering Family Sustainability Kits, available for checkout through Sarasota County Libraries. 

Kits are designed as a fun, interactive family activity to help your child understand the concepts of conservation, stewardship and sustainabiliy(suggested for use with children ages 4-10). 

The kit includes materials for you to use and then return to the library as well as some items that you can keep to use at home. Visit the library catalogue to reserve your kit today!

They include books, a CD of songs and Go Green flash cards that get returned to the library, as well as a reusable bag of Do It Yourself energy and water saving materials that families can keep to begin making a difference in their homes right away. 

The Do It Yourself Bags include an ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent light bulb, WaterSense faucet aerator, wall switch and outlet insulating gaskets, and for the kids; stickers, temporary tattoos, water cycle wristband, and materials for continuous learning.

Sustainability- it’s all about our future. 
Some of the ideas introduced in these materials include: 
  • A connection to the natural world
  • An understanding of how natural and human systems are interdependent
  • The role of the environment and families in sustaining our well-being
  • Opportunities to make choices that will have a lower impact on the environment, society and economy
  • Sustainable living does not mean sacrificing, just making conscious decisions about what we need.

 Kit Items to Return


 Kit Items to be returned to the Library (3 weeks):

"The Lorax" - Dr. Seuss
"Save Energy" - Kay Barnham
"Save Water" - Kay Barnham
"Recycle" - Kay Barnham
"Protect Nature" - Kay Barnham
"Keeping our Earth Green" - Nancy Castaldo
"Easy Going Green" flash cards - Julie Radlauer-Doerfler
"We All Live Downstream" CD - Banana Slug String Band

"The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss is an opportunity to discuss conservation and resource depletion.
  • This book tells the story of the Once-ler, who chops down all the Truffula Trees, and the Lorax, who tries to prevent their destruction. “I am the Lorax,” he says, “I speak for the trees.”
  • After reading the book, discuss as a family what resources you need to live, to try to imagine a world without those things and talk about what you can do to protect them.
"Keeping our Earth Green, Save Energy, Save Water, Recycle, and Protect Nature" explore how our actions impact our communities and planet and ways to take an active part in caring for the environment, the economy, and society. 
  • Having a sustainable lifestyle does not necessarily require lots of money.
  • Often the biggest improvements are achieved by doing lots of small things, some of which may cost nothing at all.
  • Remember that you don’t need to do everything.
  • Think about what your family can do, and then think of introducing actions one month at a time.
"Easy Going Green" flash cards is an interactive deck of illustrated cards with poems that offer simple steps that children and families can take to walk softly on the planet.
  • Children can choose an "Easy Going Green" activity to do by themselves or with the family.
  • Full instructions are in the muslin bag.
"We All Live Downstream" is a National Parenting Publication Award winning album with a series of songs designed to promote watershed awareness.
  • This album helps communicate complicated scientific ideas to children through song.
  • Music develops listening skills and these 10 fun songs will help children learn about and take care of our precious water resources.

 Additional Resources

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Sustainability and Stewardship at Home

 Kit Items to Keep


 Kit Items for You to Keep:


For Immediate Savings:

For Fun:
  • ENERGY STAR Lorax Button, Sticker and Brochure
  • Water Cycle Wristband Making Kit
  • Temporary Tattoos

For More Information:

  • Energy and Water Conservation Wheels
  • Energy Savers Booklet from the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Energy Upgrade 5 Step Plan, Warm Weather Energy Saving Tips, and Winter Energy Saving Tips
  • Energy Upgrade No Cost, Low Cost, Moderate Cost, Investment Checklists
  • Sustainability Choices Brochure

The Family Sustainability Kit includes all the items listed above for you to keep.

The water and energy conservation products were chosen to provide an easy first step to implementing sustainability changes in your home and they can help you save money every month.

Have fun looking at the tips and photos in the County Sustainability Choices brochure with your child to identify what additional actions your family is already doing or could take. We invite you to discuss the importance of our water resources while making the Water Cycle Wristband.
We hope the books and other items in this kit will inspire and help you explore the present and future quality of life in our community.

  • Discussions can be tailored to your family’s interests and schedule.
  • By learning with your child about sustainability and engaging in discussions about sustainable choices, you will help them feel empowered and encourage them to take an active role in shaping their world for the future.

The items you keep can be used to reinforce what your family learned from the books and materials you’ll return to the library. We believe there is no better way to teach than to show children through example.



Instructions for Family Sustainability Kit.pdfInstructions for Family Sustainability Kit
The Family Sustainability Kits were made possible thanks to funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. The ENERGY STAR Lorax items were made available by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Temporary tattoos and some of the water related items were made available by The Southwest Florida Water Management District. Sarasota County also thanks the city of West Palm Beach for sharing information about their similar program.

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