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 Board Priorities


1. Secure partnerships and funding for adult homeless initiative.

2. Carry out public safety referendum.

3. Complete plan development of the north extension and south connector of The Legacy Trail.

4. Update land development regulations/zoning.

5. Facilitate a community-based effort to help identify creative solutions to address affordable housing.

6. Develop a funding strategy for River Road.

7. Open North Port joint library facility.

8. Implement a replacement plan for Venice Library.

9. Enhance the diversity in hiring plan.

10. Complete Comprehensive Plan update.

11. Host a successful 2017 World Rowing Championships event.

12. Develop a Parks, Preserves and Recreation Master Plan.

13. Increase public access on SCG preserves.

14. Complete the Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) of SCAT.

15. Upgrade emergency radio system.


 How may we help you?


Our Vision
To be the premier community where people choose to live, work and play.

Our Mission
The Mission of Sarasota County Government is to provide and enhance quality programs, services, and facilities that reflect the goals of the community while always promoting health, safety, public welfare and quality of life for our citizens.

Our Values
As Sarasota County employees, WE are committed to demonstrating each one of these values at all times.

WE demonstrate mutual respect through our professionalism, courtesy, and appreciation for diversity.

WE are individually and collectively responsible for our actions as stewards of the public’s trust.

WE adhere to ethical principles, demonstrating mutual respect and conducting ourselves with honesty and sincerity.

WE take pride in providing quality public service with passion, innovation, and excellence.

WE foster a collaborative environment that values creativity, sharing information and ideas, and working together to solve problems and accomplish goals.

WE seek mutual purpose, honor commitments, and use our skills, knowledge and abilities in a way that builds confidence and loyalty.


 Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016.pdf

 Collaboration Reports

FY17 Collaboration Report 1st Quarter.pdfFY17 Collaboration Report 1st Quarter
FY16 Collaboration Report 4th Quarter.pdfFY16 Collaboration Report 4th Quarter
FY16 Collaboration Report 2nd Quarter.pdfFY16 Collaboration Report 2nd Quarter
FY16 Collaboration Report 1st Quarter.pdfFY16 Collaboration Report 1st Quarter
FY15 Collaboration Report 4th Quarter.pdfFY15 Collaboration Report 4th Quarter

 Our Goals

  1. Encourage Economic Growth
  2. Ensure Fiscal Sustainability
  3. Provide Excellent Service
  4. Plan for Positive Development and Redevelopment
  5. Promote Quality of Life
  6. Be Environmental Stewards
  7. Maintain and Enhance Existing Infrastructure
  8. Cultivate an Innovative Organization

 Fast Facts

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Sarasota County, Florida
TTY: 7-1-1
or 1-800-955-8771
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