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 Resource Management Area (RMA) Policy Revisited


Scope of Work
This Sarasota 2050 RMA Policy Revisited effort to evaluate possible amendments that would clarify its implementation was organized within three phases related to the complexity of the issues involved:

  • Phase 1 involved modification of the Sarasota 2050 Zoning Regulations that did not require any Comprehensive Plan policy changes.
  • Phase 2 involved policy changes (Comprehensive Plan) that did not deviate significantly from the original fundamental values of Sarasota 2050 RMA Policy.
  • Phase 3 involved policy changes that may have deviated from the original Sarasota 2050 values.

These three phases have been completed as described within the 2050 Evaluation Summary.

(see Category: 00/ 2050 Evaluation Summary)

Sarasota County continues this evaluation effort by developing a clear and transparent methodology for determining Fiscal Neutrality on 2050 developments.
The development of a Fiscal Neutrality Methodology will be coordinated through Sarasota County staff and a technical consultant.
The county has contracted with the firm AECOM for assistance in developing a clearly understandable technical manual that establishes a methodology for determining Fiscal Neutrality on 2050 developments that can be used on a consistent basis and is transparent in its calculations. AECOM Technical Services, Inc. is a California based corporation with extensive experience and knowledge on the subject of fiscal impact analysis, and has been the county’s primary independent 3rd party reviewer of Fiscal Neutrality analysis.
All draft reports and documents will be made available on this web page for the public’s review and comment throughout the process of developing a draft methodology for the Board’s consideration.
The public is encouraged to check back here for this ongoing process which is anticipated to commence toward the end of November 2014 and take approximately seven (7) months to complete.
(see Category: 04/ Fiscal Neutrality Methodology)

 Upcoming Public Review Announcements

Fiscal Neutrality Methodology

 Sarasota 2050 Evaluation Progress Summary

March 13, 2015
Jan. 26, 2015
Dec. 1, 2014
Oct. 22, 2014
Dec. 17, 2014

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 Sarasota 2050 Documents

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 Fiscal Neutrality Methodology

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