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 Sarasota 2050 Policy

Resource Management Area (RMA) System
Adopted on July 10, 2002, Sarasota 2050 creates a set of policies overlaid on top of the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map of Sarasota County. It establishes an optional policy framework to enhance the livability of the County by preserving its natural, cultural, physical, and other resources with an incentive-based system for managing growth. This policy framework is the Resource Management Area (RMA) system that encourages a compact development form; simultaneously implementing a number of public benefits, allowing for continued growth and economic development that preserves environmentally sensitive lands and open space in a fiscally neutral manner for the County.

Resource Management Area (RMA)
There are six RMAs that overlay on top of all County lands outside the municipal jurisdictions:

  • Agricultural Reserve 
  • Rural Heritage / Estate  
  • Greenway  
  • Village / Open Space
  • Economic Development 
  • Urban / Suburban

All six of these RMAs have some applicability east of the Urban Service Boundary (USB) as depicted on the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM), and four of them are applied exclusively to those lands east of the USB. The three main principles being applied by the RMA system east of the USB include:

  1. Open Space: Implements an inter-connected system that conserves natural habitats and preserves agricultural/ranch lands.
  2. New Urbanism: Implements a form-based type of development that is compact, walkable, inter-connected, with a variety of housing types and mix of uses. 
  3. Fiscal Neutrality: Implements development that does not add financial burden to existing residents.

Sarasota 2050 Development Forms Outside the USB
Sarasota 2050 RMA Policy primarily limits development to 3 forms; a Settlement Area, Village, or Hamlet.

Each form of development is limited to those land areas designated on the RMA-1 and RMA-3 maps that are a part of Sarasota County’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Settlement Area and Village urban forms are essentially the same except for their respective geographical locations.

Settlement Areas are limited to those lands between the existing USB and the Future USB lines on the FLUM.

Villages are limited to those lands between the existing USB and the ‘countryside line’ depicted on RMA-3. Hamlets are a transitional form of development intended to blend toward the more rural eastern area of the county.


 2050 Revisited


To view: Staff Reports, Presentations, Handouts for Public Meetings, Applications, and other Documents related to the 2050 Revisited Effort, visit:

Sarasota 2050 Evaluation.


 Why Sarasota 2050?

​Continued growth and economic development based on 3 main principles:

why 2050?


 Questions About Sarasota 2050?

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 Sarasota 2050 Documents

00002050 Background Overview.pdf00002050 Background Overview
19951208 BCC Recognition of MSG.pdf19951208 BCC Recognition of MSG
19960430 Comprehensive Plan Policy 4.1.7.pdf19960430 Comprehensive Plan Policy 4.1.7
19970727 MSG Report Ex. Sum. and Content.pdf19970727 MSG Report Ex. Sum. and Content
19970727 MSG Rpt. 1-What We Offer.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 1-What We Offer
19970727 MSG Rpt. 2-How We Worked.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 2-How We Worked
19970727 MSG Rpt. 3-What We Learned.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 3-What We Learned
19970727 MSG Rpt. 4-What We Believe.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 4-What We Believe
19970727 MSG Rpt. 5-Where We Stand.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 5-Where We Stand
19970727 MSG Rpt. 6-What Next for MSG.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 6-What Next for MSG
19970727 MSG Rpt. 7-Appendix.pdf19970727 MSG Rpt. 7-Appendix
19980122 BCC Minutes of MSG Presentation.pdf19980122 BCC Minutes of MSG Presentation
19980122 MSG Findings Common to All Sub-Areas.pdf19980122 MSG Findings Common to All Sub-Areas
20001010 Directions for the Future (Res. 2000-230).pdf20001010 Directions for the Future (Res. 2000-230)
Chapter 9 - Sarasota 2050.pdfChapter 9 - Sarasota 2050

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