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 Water Pollution Prevention

Help protect our water resources
Our water resources are one of the reasons that Sarasota is such a special place to live. Every resident and visitor has a role to play in protecting our resources, and what you do on your property does make a difference.
Every time you allow wastewater from washing your car, or washing your house or driveway; whenever you don’t pick up pet waste; if you dump a mop bucket outside; or if you use excess fertilizer on your lawn; chemicals, bacteria, nutrients and other harmful materials can flow into the stormwater system and eventually into our bays.
Unlike sanitary sewers (sinks, toilets, etc.) which flow to wastewater treatment plants, water that runs off sidewalks, alleys and street gutters is directly connected to our local waterways.

 Scoop the Poop


 Water Pollution Concern

​For information on Best Management Practices or to report spills, call 861-5000. Use the form below to report pollution related concerns. 
The form can be completed, printed and faxed to: 941-861-0986, or you may wish to call the Sarasota County Contact Center directly at 941-861-5000 (especially if the situation is urgent).
Pollution Concern Form (below) 
You can email the form to:
or you may mail the form to:
Pollution Concern Form
Sarasota County Air and Water Quality
1001 Sarasota Center Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34240


Pollution Concern Form.pdfPollution Concern Form
Pollution Prevention Best Management Practices.pdfPollution Prevention Best Management Practices
Water Pollution Control Code.pdfWater Pollution Control Code

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Sarasota County, Florida
TTY: 7-1-1
or 1-800-955-8771
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